The biggest Mobile Phone Market: Ground Floor of Moka (Mall Kartini)

Despite the existance of many new malls with a special place for mobile phone corners, smartphone corners on the ground floor of Mall Kartini is still the most visited smartphone market place. Just about everyday from Monday to Sunday, more visitors to the mall are seen to gather in the smartphone area choosing smartphones of their own choices.

Smartphone corners can also be found at Simpur mall, Lotus, Chandra, Hypermart, Giant but the number of visitors is not as big as that at Moka. In Chandra, for instance, there are only a few smartphone shops in the basement of Chandra mall.

In Lotus, some smartphone shops have been closed down and replaced by computer shops. And in Hypermart, there is only one smartphone shop in the supermarket area. Up to now, Moka's smartphone corner is still the most visited. Simpur mall is the second biggest after Moka.

People from district cities such as Kotabumi, Metro, Kalianda, and many others also come to visit Bandar Lampung to do the shopping. One of the things in their shopping list is mobile phones. Indeed, mobile phones are now owned by all from all walks of life.

We can say that Moka has the biggest mobile phone market on the ground floor. At Chandra supermall, as mentioned above, there are only a few phone counters on the basement, while at Hypermart, there is only one within its supermarket.

We recommend that visiters should rely on Moka for mobile phone. There are almost all kinds of mobile phone brands, both new and secondhand phones. If you want to trade in your old phone with a new one, make sure you have all the purchase document for your old phone. Most phone shops do not accept used phones without necessary documents like proof of purchase, guarantee card, manual books, and a package box.

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