Apes or Jungle People Are Found In National Park of Way Kambas

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According to Tribun reporter, coming across apes or jungle people is a normal thing to people living around Way Kambas National Park. Mitoes, legends or mouth to mouth information is often heard regarding another life in this world.

Way Kambas guards patrolling around the park came across a few apes or forest people. They claimed that they saw them having long hair and bare chest. They were not sure if they had clothes on to cover their lower part of the body. These people disappeared upon seeing the guards. One of the forest policemen mentioned that they looked very much like ancient people described in flint stones movies. Those who came across the apes or jungle people were not even sure of their height for the simple reason that the forest police saw them from a distance and within a very short time.

Way Kambas National Park authority will take actions regarding the finding of "apes" by the forest police team. It is said that infra red camera will be placed around where the team saw the apes in the hope that when these jungle people come out again, the camera will shoot them.

Up to the present time, there is no evident that the jungle people do exist.

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