Coal Mining in Tulang Bawang And Mesuji Districts

According to Tribun Lampung,  Kabupaten Tulang Bawang and Mesuji  turn out to contain  a lot of coal deposits. Based on the results of earlier studies, black gold content in these districts have reached 1 billion metric tons. Although it is not known how much money it is worth yet,  the potential content of coal is equivalent to energy power plants of 3,500 mega watt. So far, there are at least 40 companies, which have applied for coal mining exploration licenses with a total investment of 20 trillion rupiah said Tribun Lampung.

Coal mining association chairman Lampung, Anshori Djauhar is quoted as saying that the mining exploration license is expected to come out in 2014. Meanwhile, regent of  WestTulang Bawang, Bachtiar, feels sure that his area has a potential for coal or oil deposit. He is not sure if the land is laden with coal or oil."It is still being reviewed", he said according to

Bakhtiar said the allegations of the mine is due to the heat felt by the people in the  region. According to him the signs of nature can be an indication that there is mine in the ground because in some areas laden with mines, the air pressure in the region also resembles like the one we have here.
He said that WestTulang Bawang regency  would prove it by  inviting the relevant parties. "I think mine is still young in this area. But I still believe there are mining in the district. Moreover, there are traces of points of drilling," he said closing the comment.

If coal mining does exist in Tulang Bawang District, then this will add a lot to the district's asset.What has to be thought of is that Regent of Tulang Bawang should make better preparation far in advance so that the mining can better be handled.

Lampung Tribun News

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