Doughnut Shop at Chandra Mall: It's Worth Trying.

Next to Bread Talk is J.Co shop selling doughnut. The same as Bread Talk, J.CO is also one of the favorite food shops at Chandra Mall. Its location is right on the corner and allows shoppers to eat their doughnut at the provided tables. You can sit down there comfortably while waiting for your friends or spouse who are doing the shopping at Chandra.

Besides Doughnut, J.CO also serves ice cream with different flavor, and some puddings. I can say that J.CO is the best Doughnut food shop in Bandar Lampung. There are other doughnut shops you can find in Bandar Lampung but they are not as nice and comfortable as J.CO located at Chandra Mall, Bandar Lampung.

J.CO open at 9:00 and closes at 22:00. So, when you are there in the evening, you don't need to rush. I think the best time to be there is in the afternoon or evening. You will have plenty of time shopping around at Chandra Mall.
Some other food shops sell various kinds of cakes and bread including doughnut. However, food shops selling one special food probably serves much better in terms of the food that it sells.

Doughnut is still much liked cake by people of all ages. Bandar Lampung residents should be proud of having J.CO that sells delicious doughnut.


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