Hash Event On April 14th: Villa Ko Inggris Batu Putu, Bandar Lampung


Run No.513
Time and Date: 06:30 am / APRIL 14, 2013
Location: VILLA KO INGGRIS, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
Hares and Cohares: Hadi, Akam, Heri, Akam

Good morning to all the hasher. How's it going today? I hope you all will stay healthy and keep the hashing spirit in joining the run. This week we have come back to hash in Villa Ko Inggris. It's been such a long time since we last hashed here. From the location, we are sure what kind of run we are facing--going down and up the hills. This week we should be grateful for sunny weather and it hasn’t poured down for a long time. The vehicles hashers drove was not stuck in the mud as they experienced during the rainy season. This week, present hashers were more than usual--80 people all together. Among those who were present were Ko Alin and his wife--They disappeared for sometime not hashing with us. They both must have missed us all. There were also 2 new comers from Danamon Bank. Hope they will enjoy hashing with us.

Before on on time, Cik Farida asked all hashers to do gymnastics first as a warming up before climbing. Mr. Amir then delivered a speech representing hash master who was unable to attend. No questions and no more info, then all packs of hashers rushed into the trail going down into the river, and climbed a little bit, then continued up to the top.

Sunny and hot weather made climbing a little tough. All were puffing and blowing and wet with sweat. Come on guys! Get moving fast. to keep up with the front pack of brave and strong hashers. Indeed, climbing takes a longer time. We all had to drag our tired feet up to the transmitter tower on the top of the hill. Yes, that was our destination up there. However, slowly but surely transmitter tower was a little more to reach. Thank God, we finally made it to the top. We all enjoyed spectacular view from the top of the hill. Sunny day made the view look clear and beautiful. Blue sky with a row of white cloud made us all feel cool and fresh. Some hashers equipped with cameras took pictures of beautiful scenery. "Share some with us on face book, will ya?" shouted a few hashers.

After about 10 - 15 minutes of enjoying the view, all rushed back to the on in, as they knew special breakfast prepared by Ko Selim was there waiting. They all rushed to get back as they didn't want to miss the breakfast. Usually, foods were eaten up just before all hashers got back. Do you know who ate the food up? Easy answer. Those sinning hashers who never finished the run came back and ate it up. No food supervisors at the site.

Next week, we will hash in Citra Garden housing complex. Lampung hashers are advised to park their cars at the marketing office of Citra Garden. Then breakfast menu next week will be sponsored by Anto who is celebrating the birth of 2nd child, a daughter. Congratulations, may the parents be blessed.

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