Bambu Kuning: One of the most crowded marketplaces in Bandar Lampung

Bambu Kuning plaza is in fact the oldest market that have experienced many changes. The second floor used to be a cinema that was visited by many movie goers. Now the second floor is used for car parking lot, while the first consists of all kinds of shops, mainly shops selling clothes. In the day time, especially on weekends, Pasar Bambu Kuning is filled with too many shoppers. You should be on the alert for pickpockets who may steal something from your pockets or bags.

Owners of shops in Bambu Kuning are mostly sellers from West Sumatera. If you do not know how to --haggle over the price, you may get ripped off--paying too high for what you buy. Most sellers offer their clothes by doubling the normal price. If  they say 100,000 IDR for a shirt, you should ask them to go come down to 50,000 IDR. That is what I hear from people who are used to shopping in Bambu Kuning market.

Bambu Kuning opens at 9 in the morning and closes at 5 in the afternoon. At night you can only buy foods or others at the shops that still open till late at night.

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