Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chandra Mall in Bandar Lampung

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Chandra Mall Bandar Lampung
Chandra mall is one of the famous shopping centers in Bandar Lampung. It is an established shopping center with many branches throughout Lampung Province. The central office of Chandra mall is located in the heart of Bandar Lampung city.

In addition to comfortable shopping places, Chandra also opens a hotel adjecent to the main building of Chandra market so that shoppers who come from other cities or provinces may spend the night in Wisma Chandra while enjoying themselves shopping around.

Chandra Mall Bandar Lampung
Chandra mall has a large parking lot--one outside the building just in front of the office, others at the basement, on the second through the fourth floor. Shoppers who drive their car can exit through the back gate or the front gate, depending, which direction is close to your home destination.

What to do in Chandra Mall
As many other malls, Chandra has a supermarket on the first floor selling all types of staples. Organic vegetables are labeled "organic". Bread and doughnut are outside the supermarket. The breadtalk and doughnut shops are run separately. Still on the first floor you can also find other shops selling foods and medicines, magazines and exercise equipment. Car and computer exhibitions are also sometimes held on the first floor.

The second floor of Chandra mall is for clothes and shoes departments, and the third floor is for children to play around.

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