Giant Antasari: One of The Best Malls in Bandar Lampung

One of the places for families to go out to, especially on weekends is a shopping center, regardless of whether the families will do the shopping or just to get their mind off work. Actually, as I often notice, most of them do the shopping. In Lampung, Giant Superstore is still considered a new shopping center but its existance in Bandar Lampung is remarkable. What makes shoppers in Lampung love visiting Giant is that it gives free parking.

Giant Supermall only consists of two floors. The first one is for various kinds of shops, an area for children, restaurants, cafe, and so on. Parking lots is only on the first floor but large enough for everyone. The second floor is where you can find all kinds of things like clothes, shoes, TV sets, and other electronic devices. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits and fish are also available. Bread and fried chicken can also be found here on the second floor.

Mosque or "Mushola" is provided with maximum comfort for Muslim to do the prayer. Here you can do the prayer peacefully without a threat to smoke from vehicles.

Giant can also be found on Jl.Teuku Umar near a private university of UBL. It's smaller than the one on Jl.Pangeran Antasari. Its Giant Fried Chicken can also be bought on Moka supermarket.

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