Hypermart Bandar Lampung

Hypermart Bandar Lampung is one of the most visited malls in Bandar Lampung. Strategically situated on Jl.Kartini, Hypermart comes first thing in everyone's mind when they think of doing the shopping. For one thing, Hypermart is easiest to reach from all corners of Bandar Lampung city. Secondly, attached to Hypermart is popular 24 hour McDonald food store, where most young people love hanging out at.

Like many other malls, Hypermart also provides fresh foods and vegetables, clothes, shoes, and so on. What lacks in Hypermart Bandar Lampung is availability of electronic devices. There is only one shop that sells smartphone on the first floor together with other electronic equipment.

Hypermart Bandar Lampung
On the forth floor, you can find some restaurants like Solaria selling many different kinds of food, drink. Also there is a food corner where there are some food stands.
 Beside the food corner, you can also find entertainment corner for kids and a movie theater. Regarding the movie,  in fact, it  is the only movie theater in Bandar Lampung.
On the first floor lies the supermarket, where you can buy bread, fruits, clothes, electronic tools, kitchen appliances, TV sets, mobile phones, and so on. Just outside the supermarket, there are ATM machines (BCA, BRI, BNI), and last but not least is MacDonald, which is full of buyers standing in queue. MacDonald is 24 hour service.
All in all, Hypermart Bandar Lampung is the only mall that has a movie theater and becomes the most crowded when there is a good movie on there.

Parking Lots:
Parking lots are available from the first floor to the third. If you drive sedans (low cars), you should be careful when ascending from the lower floor the higher one as the path connecting between floors are too steep causing the bottom of your cars to rub against the surface of the bridge.

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