Amami Tours And Travel in Lampung

One of Tours & Travel agencies in Lampung is Amami Tours & Travel located at Begadang Resto Jl.Diponegoro No.1, Kupang, Telukbetung, and Bandar Lampung. Its main services are as follows:
·         Ticketing for domestic and international air travel;
·         Arrange domestic and international packaged tours;
·         Organize religious tour to Mecca (Umroh and Hajj Tours);
·         Organize outings and events;
·         Ticket Reservations in your destination cities;
·         Pick up and take passengers from and to Raden Inten Airport.
·         Help process passports  and visas;
·         Organize tours within Lampung province. I.e. arrange tours to Tanjung Setia beach, Kiluan Bay, and other tourists’ destination around Lampung.
International Tours include:
·         Tours from Jakarta to Malaysia;
·         Tours from Jakarta to Singapore;
·         Jakarta – Bangkok – Pattaya tours;
·         Jakarta – Hongkong – Macau tours;
·         Tours from Jakarta to Taiwan;
·         Tours from Jakarta to Japan;
·         Tours from Jakarta to Beijing and Tianjing;
·         Jakarta – Phuket – Thailand Tours
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Domestic Tours and Travel
Amami Tours and Travel organizes tour from Lampung to Jakarta. In this tour, such places as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Planetarium, Monas are to be visited. Tours from Jakarta to Bogor and Puncak are also arranged by Amami Tours and Travel. You won’t miss Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor, Taman Buah Mekar and TMII.
Jakarta – Jogjakarta – Bandung Tour includes visits to:
·         Jogja Palace;
·         Famous Malioboro;
·         Borobudur Temple;
·         Prambanan Temple;
·         Lake with white crater in Ciwidey Bandung;
·         Shopping around in Bandung;
·         Bandung culinary tour;
·         Jakarta – Bali – Jogjakarta – Bandung
·         Jakarta – Padang – Bukit tinggi
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