Bandar Lampung Birthday: Healthy Walking

On June 16th, residents of Bandar Lampung swamped Adipura Monument popularly known as "Tugu Gajah" to participate in Healthy Walking held by the local government of Bandar Lampung. The walking started from Jl.Raden Intan near the Tugu Gajah. At 6 a.m the big parade of healthy walking started going through Jl. A Yani, turned right into Jl.Kartini past Hypermart and Moka, then turned right to Jl.Brigjend. Katamso to be back to Jl.Raden Intan. From the the walking group went back to Saburai as the finishing line.
The walking participants consisted of children and adults who hoped to get the promised prizes. The walking committee mentioned that there would be different kinds of prizes: the first prize was Toyota Avanza, while the other prizes were free tours to Mecca for 30 winners,  motorcycles, bikes, TV sets and so on.
When all arrived at the finishing line and gathered at Saburai, the committee announced that the drawing would be done right away.

The event caused traffic jams along Jl. Raden Intan and the lanes around Saburai Stadium till afternoon.

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