Bandar Lampung University (UBL)

Bandar Lampung University
University of Bandar Lampung is the oldest  well-established private university in Lampung, thus its reputation as an educational institution is without doubt. Situated very strategically, UBL has moved  to the front position in terms of popularity and teaching quality. Its lecturers are those with adequate qualifications. Established in 1984 under the auspices of YAL (Yayasan Administrasi Lampung), UBL has been well recognized throughout the province, even nationally known.

After University of Bandar Lampung has been established, other  private universities started to show to follow UBL’s success. At the moment there probably more than 6 private universities:
·         Accountancy College (STIE)
·         Administration College (STIAL)
·         University of Malahayati
·         University of Tulangbawang
·         AMIK
·         Foreign Language Academy
·         Technolkrat

The existence of these private universities is to cater for community’s demand in the field of higher education. The only state university itself cannot fulfil all those who tried to enrol at UNILA (State University in Lampung); so the existence of these private universities are indeed very important in helping the government improve education.
University of Bandar Lampung has so far had almost all faculties as follows:
·         The faculty of economics
·         The faculty of law
·         Politics and Social Science Faculty
·         Faculty of Pedigogy and Education
·         Faculty of Technics
·         Facullty of Computer Science
·         Master’s Degree

University of Bandar Lampung has the following facilities:
·        UBL Career Center
·        Online Library  (OPAC)
·         Campus
·         Lab
·         Business Training Center
·         Star FM Radio


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