Mountain Bike Clubs Start To Flourish in Bandar Lampung

We are not certain how many biking clubs have existed so far. There may be more than 6 mountainbiking clubs in Bandar Lampung, one of which is the one in the photo.

Bandar Lampung is in fact ideal for cycling people. Undulating terrains challenge bikers to do more. No wonder every weekend, you will see bikers hitting the roads in groups. Some started very early in the morning heading for nearby hills or jungle, while some others just tour around the city of Bandar Lampung.

Visiting bikers can start their bike trip from Sheraton Hotel, for instance. They can go to a nearby hill, which is only about a couple of km. For example, from Sheraton car park, bikers can go through Sumur Putri, Batu Putu and continue on to Kemiling area and hit back to Sheraton. That will be about 45 - 60 minutes enough to burn your calorie.

Another track is from Sheraton turn left and right again at the Governor's office. Follow the main road up to the bridge and turn left. Carry on till you reach Puri Gading Housing complex. From there you can see a hill. There are several bike trails up there.

There are still more interesting biking tracks in Lampung. Be there for a biking tour. Contact local tour and travel agencies to tell you the best biking tracks in Bandar Lampung.


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