Two Flyovers Are To Be Ready End of June 2013

Good news for residents of Bandar Lampung who commute daily using Sultan Agung street and Pangeran Antasari Street because two flyover constructions both on Jl.  Antasari and Jl. Sultan Agung are targeted to be completed at the end of  this month (June, 2013).

Head of Monitoring and Planning Department of Public Works (PU) Bandar Lampung,  Yatmi Handy,  said that the construction of flyovers on both sides of the road has reached 93 percent completion. It is now in the stage of  supervision and finishing .

"So, we expect on June 20th all of the road surfaces will have been paved, then finishing stages will have to be done until the end of June this year," he said yesterday. He promised that  by late June 2013, both flyovers will have been ready so that it can break the bottleneck." he said.

Members of the Commission C of Bandar Lampung  Agusman Arif said  the Department of Public Works are hoped to finish the flyover construction  in accordance with the target considering that volume of vehicles have increased, especially during the months of July and August in which Ramadhan and Idul Fitri have come.

"During  the month of Ramadan and the Eid al-Fitr, certainly more roads are congested. So the closed streets are to be opened to allow more traffics. Jun should be the month for flyovers to be completed but make sure the quality of work is to be maintained, "he said.

Meanwhile, another flyover on Jl. Gajah Mada cannot be predictable when it will be completed.


SKH Radar Lampung, Saturday ( Juni 8th,  2013)

Author: verified_user