Koga Traditional Market (Pasar Koga)

The biggest traditional market in Kedaton area is "Pasar Koga" located at the side of Jl.Teuku Umar or exactly opposite Advent Hospital. The look of traditional markets in Indonesia is just the same. When you enter the market, it seems that most things are messy and crowded with shoppers. People, who are not used to shopping there, will find it hard to buy what they want.

Prices offered by sellers   can usually be bargained. Smart shoppers are able to  get 5 to 10% lower than the price they offer. It is also said that prices at Koga market are lower than those at Wayhalim market. Here at Koga market, you can get all you need for your kitchen: fresh fish, fresh meat, vegetables, cakes, glassware and tableware, clothes and so on.

At the front of the market there is a parking lot for cars and motorbikes. Some food stalls are also found along the front foyer.

Pasar Koga (Koga Market) is only 3 km from Bambu Kuning Market. If you want to find out what Koga Market looks like, you can take a public transport (bus or mikrolet going to Rajabasa bus terminal). Tell the driver that you want to get off at Pasar Koga.

The only problem with Pasar Koga is that it provides a small parking space. When more visitors to the market do the shopping especially during Ramadan (fasting month for Moslem), cars parked near Koga market often cause traffic jams.


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