Office Buildings in Bandar Lampung

Most office buildings, like any other cities, flock along main streets. There are also office buildings at smaller streets. In Bandar Lampung, there are not many main streets like Jakarta. So, it is easy to remember the main streets in Bandar Lampung.

Here are names of the main streets:

  • Jl. Pangeran Diponegoro: It starts from the end of Jl. Patimura in Telukbetung and ends at the intersection of Adipura monument in Enggal area.
  • Jl Raden Intan: It starts from Taqwa mosque and ends at the intersection of Adipura monument in Enggal area.
  • Jl. Jendral Sudirman: It starts from the start of Jl.Gatot Subroto near Digger Cafe going past the flyover to the crossroad of Elephant Statue on Enggal area.
  • Jl. A Yani is a short street starting from Tugu Adipura (Elephant Statue)  and ending on the T junction of Jl. Kartini and Jl. Wolter Mongunsidi.
  • Jl. Wolter Mongunsidi: It starts from the local government offices (Governor's office) to the T junction that connect to Jl. RA. Kartini.
  • Jl. Dr. Susilo where the mayor's office is situated. You can also find a tax office and other offices along Jl. Dr. Susilo
  • Jl. Malahayati.
  • Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto.
  • Jl. R.A Kartini: It starts from the T junction at the filling station on Jl.A Yani and ends at Telkom office near Bambu Kuning.
  • Jl. Pangeran Antasari. It's a dual carriage way that ends at the crossroad of Jl. Trans Sumatera and Jl. Pangeran Tirtayasa (it is now the flyover connecting Jl.Pangeran Antasari to Jl. Pangeran Tirtayasa)
  • Jl. Sultan Agung (it's a dual carriage way in Way Halim area) ending at the flyover connecting Jl.Sultan Agung to  Jl.Jendral Ryacudu that goes to Korpri area.
More office buildings such as banks, private companies, government offices and other shops are mostly found on the above mentioned streets

Take a look at  Bandar Lampung map to see all streets.

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