Batu Guci Beach Resort in South Lampung

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South Lampung is probably the area in Lampung Province which has the most beautiful beaches that are worth visiting. Beaches are scattered in several areas of South Lampung with Rajabasa Mount as the scenic background

One of the beaches that offers beautiful waves and clean white sandy beach is Batu Guji beach located in Desa Maja district about 5 km from the center of Kalianda city. It's quite easy to find Batu Guji beach. When you see a brown wooden signpost at the entrance gate, that's the beach. If you drive, you should be careful as the dirt road is very slippery when it rains. What makes the beach unique is that there are big rocks on the beach and its legendary story behind it. It is said that the beach used to be a seaport that connected Sumatera to Java. The remaining rocks were the old port, while the beaches were an old village. The beach was named "Batu Guji" because an old jar (guci) was found on top of the big rock. The existance of the jar is not known now.

To enter the beach area, one person is charged Rp.3,000.-- which is in fact much lower compared to other beach resorts in Lampung. Two things that you may be interested in when you are at Batu Guji beach. The quiet beautiful sandy beach with big waves chasing each other and a swimming pool like area surrounded by big rocks. You will see lots of fish in it because they are trapped when the tide is low.

Not many people have ever visited the Batu Guci beach. This is probably because the beach is not yet popular or it is because the road to the beach is very bad. So far, the local government has not focused on its improvement. Rachman, the beach caretaker, hopes that financial help from the local government will soon come to improve the beach facility.

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