Dua Bersaudara Restaurant

Dua Bersaudara Restaurant is one of many Padang restaurants in Bandar Lampung. It has now become famous for its low food price and cuisine delights. The restaurant owner has set up 6 branches in Bandar Lampung. In fact, there is no difference in types of foods if we compare Dua Bersaudara to other Padang restaurants: it sells fried chicken, and all its spicy cuisines.

The first Dua Bersaudara Restaurant was established on Jl. Wolter Mongunsidi. After it had become well known, it started opening other branches in the city of Bandar Lampung. You will find Dua Bersaudara opposite Bambu Kuning market, and Chandra Mall. There are still other four branches a bit further off from the city. There was one branch on Jl. Ratu Dibalau but it soon closed down as Puti Minang Restaurant was opened right opposite it

It is said that the cook at Dua Bersaudara used to be a cook at Begadang II restaurant. No wonder the fried chicken at both restaurant tastes almost the same. Dua Bersaudara is famous for its delicious "asam pade" fish (sour and hot spicy fish). Asam pade fish is sold at almost Padang Restaurants in Bandar Lampung but I think "asam pade" cooked at Dua Bersaudara is the most delicious one.

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