Pasir Putih Beach

Pasir Putih is the second old beach recreation resort in Bandar Lampung. The oldest beach recreation resort was "Pantai Hiburan Panjang", which has turned into a village near Panjang harbour. In 1970's era, Pantai Hiburan Panjang seemed to be the only beach recreation resort Lampung residents could go to for a beach picnic. After this beach recreation had been closed, the people in Lampung turned to Pasir Putih beach, which is about 5 - 7 km from Panjang harbour.

Pasir Putih beach used to be the most visited beach resort. Most people went to Pasir Putih for a beach picnic: swimming, sitting on the beach, and going to the small island not far from the beach. Since Pasir Putih beach was the only one at that time, sellers of foods, drinks, clothes, and home decorations made of sea shells swarmed the beach area to sell. The beach is always noisy because the loudspeaker from the beach control office played loud music, which to some visitors, was jarring in the ears.

Up to the present time, the Pasir Putih beach can still be visited but the number of visitors have dropped because of the existance of other beach recreation areas. For example, people now can go to Selaki beach resort, Kalianda resort, Lempasing beach resorts, Mutun, and more beaches. If you like a quiet picnic beach areas, where there are not many visitors, you can try Selaki beach. I don't think Pasir Putih, Mutun and other beach areas are suitable as there are so many visitors, especially on weekends.

Beaches in Lampung are always crowded on weekends, especially on holiday seasons like Idul Fitri celebration days and new years' eve.

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