Gelael Supermarket

image credit Blogger Kotabumi
Before any other supermarkets in Bandar Lampung existed, Gelael had been around for a long time. Its visitors have been those from certain walks of life who seem to know that Gelael supermarket sell products that others do not.

Gelael consists of two floors only. The first floor is the supermarket, where you buy things like foods, fruits, kitchen appliances, and drinks. The second floor is a play ground for children and a fast food restaurant with a live music performer to accompany its visitors in the evening.

The parking lot is a quite big one at the side and front area. Visitors to Gelael are not charged for parking their cars or motorbikes. If your purpose is only to buy foods or drinks and you are not too far away, Gelael is worth visiting. If Gelael is not in your list of choices, you can just go to a nearby supermarket such as Plaza Lotus or Hypermart.

Gelael supermarket is situated on Jl. Jendral Sudirman near "Enggal" field and Saburai Stadium. The surrounding areas are filled with office buildings like BRI bank and other smaller shops.


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