Kartini Mall

shopping at Moka Lampung
Kartini Mall also known as Moka is one of the malls in Bandar Lampung. Located on Jl. Kartini, next to BNI bank, Moka is on a very strategic location and easier to reach from all directions. Like any other malls, Moka provides clothes, shoes, bags, and a lot more on the second and third floor. On the fourth floor, you will see an area for children to play games, some restaurants and a few shops.

Ground floor is mainly used for smart phone counters selling all types of mobile phones from the old type to the more advanced smart phones like BlackBerry, Android, and iPhones. If you have used mobile phones, you can also sell them here providing that you still have their boxes and manuals.

Clothes department of Moka Lampung
Clothes Department
In the supermarket (the first floor) area, there are two ATM machines. So, it is useful for shoppers who run out of cash. One ATM maching (BCA) is also available on the ground floor, and 4 other ATM booths outside the building (just at the left side of the entrance to the mall).

Restaurants are also available on the fourth floor next to the playing ground for children.

Parking places:

Parking lots for cars are available at the ground floor, first up to the fourth floor. For motorbikes, the parking areas on the first floor and outside in the front, which is organized by individuals.

At Moka, you can also find  fried chicken shops on the first floor (KFC) and the one inside the supermarket. A book store is available on the ground floor next to the smart phone area.

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