Kampoeng Bamboe Restaurant

eat at Kampoen Bamboe restaurant
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Kampoeng Bamboe Restaurant is the only restaurant located within the housing complex of Wayhalim Permai. It opens at 10 am and closes at 11 pm.  The restaurant building is set up in a traditional style; you will see most of the buildings are made of bamboo poles and woods. Customers have to sit on a carpeted floor of a hut accommodating up to 8 persons. In each hut there is a rectangle table with 40-cm legs high enough for people sitting on the floor.

The restaurants have lists of menu placed on the table. Upon entering the gate of the restaurant you will be welcome by friendly waiters guiding you to a hut of your choice. You can order  traditional foods as well as national foods.The restaurant does not service ready-to-eat foods, so your order may take about 30-40 minutes. Snacks are usually given while you await your order.

Foods at Kampoeng Bamboe

  • Chicken and fish: Kalasan fried chicken, penyet chicken (served with fried chilly on a stone plate), oxtail soup, grilled carp and more traditional foods you can find here.
  • Drinks: All types of drinks are available here such as avocado juice, lemon juice, coconut juice, coffee and many more.
Garden area consisting of shady bamboo trees make as if the restaurant were situated in a beautiful natural garden. Because of this, the area is often used for such events as wedding or birthday parties.

Types of rooms available at Kampoeng Bamboe Restaurant.

  • Presentation room: it enables you to hold a presentation for your office.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Dining room with chairs and tables
  • Huts designed for family gatherings
For further info, you can visit http://kampoengbamboe-lampung.com


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