Revenue For 2014 Projected to Increase by 13.27 Percent

Kalianda, Soouth Lampung (October 24th, 2013) 

South Lampung regency government   has projected increase in the revenue  for 2014. The increase is illustrated in the  draft general budget policies and priorities of the temporary budget ceiling ( KUA - PPAS ) of  2014 . Based on data from the Regional Development Planning Agency in South Lampung , projected 2014 revenues reaches Rp1,282,882,339,087 explained as follows: Rp86,270,132,450 for  local revenue, Rp989,034,360,200  for offset funds , and   Rp207,568,846,437 for other revenues .

'' There will be an increase by 13.27 percent  in revenue if viewed from the changed budget amounting to  Rp1.218.425.047.558 2013 , " said Secretary of Bappeda for South Lampung, H. Anton Carmana , S.E. representing the Head of Planning, Dr . Edarwan  yesterday .

According to him , KUA - PPAS draft has been submitted to the Local House of Representatives for discussion and approval. Anton stated that projected 2014 revenue was still temporary . '' Possible increases may occur, "he stated . In the draft KUA - PPAS,  composition of direct expenditures and indirect expenditures for the year of 2014 are also  illustrated ( 45.65 percent direct spending , and 54.35 percent indirect spending).

'' South Lampung local government will continue to make direct expenditures for the public interest keep rising, while indirect spending will have to be strictly expensed , " he said .



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