Road Bikers Will Soon Outnumber Mountain Bikers in Lampung

According to Robby Satya, one of the group leaders of road biking in Lampung, the number of road bikers will be more than that of mountain bikers. "A few mountain bikers have shifted to road biking," he reported. "There'll be more of them  buying road bikes, I think," Robby added.

There are approximately more than 100 road bikers belonging to some road biking groups in Lampung. They all know one another, Lampung will have a strong road biking group.

Every Sunday morning at 05:30 am, Lampung bikers--mountain and road bikers get together at the elephant statue in Enggal area to go biking. Each group have their own biking destination. Robby explained that he and his friends usually cover more than 70 km. Gisting district is the most favorite road for road bikers considering that the asphalt road in the direction of Gisting is very smooth. The shortest distance they cover is 35-50 km.

Let's support Robby's idea of flourishing this kind of activity. At least, he indirectly supports the government plan to reduce pollution. According to Audi, one of the bikers, Lampung's road bikers will increase in number sooner or later, especially if Lampung Tourism Agency participates in promoting road biking by holding some kinds of road biking tour covering Lampung province.

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