State Polytechnic Institute

Lampung Polytechnic Institute belonging to the government used to be under the University of Lampung. The polytechnic institute was then called Farming Polytechnic of University of Lampung established in 1984. Since 2001, the Farming Polytechnic released itself from University of Lampung and became State Farming Polytechnic of Lampung as one of state universities in Lampung Province. State Farming Polytechnic of Lampung is hoped to become an accelerator and motivator in the field of development for Lampung Province.

Along with its development, the State Farming Polytechnic has kept enlarging the study scope in order to produce professionals in a number of special fields. And in 2004, the State Farming Polytechnic changed its name into State Polytechnic of Lampung with consideration that the study field is now not only limited to farming sector but also relates to other such fields as follows:

  • Diploma III: Production of Livestock, Aquaculture, Crop Production Agriculture, Crop Production, Horticulture, Agricultural Mechanization, Land Resources and Environmental Engineering, Food Technology, Agribusiness, Accounting, and Information Management. 
  • Diploma IV: Seed Technology and Production and Management of Plantation Industries.
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