Way Belu River to be Normalized

Kotaagung - Tanggamus [October 16th, 2013]

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Regent Bambang Kurniawan asked the Department of Public Works and the Regional Disaster Management Agency ( BPBD ) to analyze the planned normalization of Way Belu river flow because the  flood striking last September resulted in the lower part of the river reaching  the settlement population of  Tanjungagung village in West Kotaagung . The water previously flowed down straight but now has started turning  to the west and reaching closer to housing residents . Way Belu river should then be normalized so that its flow will  return to the river original track .

"River  Normalization is done to avoid disastrous flood from happening, " said Chief BPBDs Tanggamus Burdani , SH after accompanying the Regent Bambang Kurniawan to view the physical condition of  Way Belu yesterday ( 15/10 ) .

According to him , the length of   Way Belu river to be normalized  is estimated to be  200 meters . '' BPBD together with  Department of Public Works  shall learn  the plan more quickly , " he added. .Starting this week the agency in charge is to study and analyze the normalization plan . The team is to dig out the sediment in the river bed to make the river  flow smoothly back into the Gulf Semaka , " he explained .

Head West Kotaagung Firdaus , S.Pd. said that residents are looking forward to Tanjungagung river being back to normal fearing that when the flood strikes back , it will destroy settlement areas . The  flood that occurred on Saturday ( 14/9 ) resulted in hundreds of homes and fields in a number of  villages in the District of West Kotaagung and Wonosobo being flooded as a result of Heavy rain causing  the damn in Way Belu to break down.

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