Drainage Repair On Jl. Sultan Agung Causes Congestion

Exploring-lampung, November 21st, 2013

drainage system repair Lampung
Drainage repair on Jl. Sultan Agung, Bandar Lampung has so far caused congestion, especially during busy hours.

The drainage system on Jl. Sultan Agung that  is being repaired has resulted in the narrowing of a road on both sides. Motorists from Way Halim area have to drive very slowly as they approach the repair area because the repair work has narrowed the width of the road. Motorists from Tanjungkarang Pusat area also have to do the same. The congestion happen during busy hours when a big number of vehicles are forced to queue along the narrowed road.

There is no further information regarding the reason for repairing the drainage system. Is it related to a shopping center that is being built near it or because the drainage has been clogged so it causes flood when it rains?

A lot of complaints from road users have been sent to Mayor of Bandar Lampung city who has acted quickly to respond to the complaints and ordered that the repair work should be completed as soon as possible.

It seems that the completion of the work still takes a very long time because there will be some other parts of the drainage that need fixing. The next things to be fixed are linked to the already completed work. Because of this the congestion will still occur.

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