Food Vendors in Bandar Lampung

night food vendor Bandar Lampung
Most food vendors open in the evening till late at night. Along Jl. Kartini you will find a lot of food vendors selling such foods as fried noodle, fried rice, sea fish, and some other foods. They also provide drinks like avocado drinks and othre soft drinks. You can also find food vendors opening at night around Bambu Kuning market, on Jl. Teuku Umar, and around Chandra Market including the ones along Jl. Hayam Wuruk on Kampung Sawah.

If you go to Telukbetung, food vendors are even easier to be found on Pasar Kangkung area. Most of the food vendors here sell chinese food and sea food. They also open till very late at night (they close around 2 a.m).

There are also night  food vendors selling fried noodle and rice. They usually push or carry their carts that contain foods to sell  around neighborhood. The foods they sell is a little cheaper than the ones sold by food vendors that stay in one place.

There has been a trend for some sellers to use their pick-up trucks or mini buses. They usually park their cars at certain places to show what food they sell. Interested buyers often stop to look around first. If they like the food, they buy it to eat there or take it away. Most people who want to sell their foods often go to PKOR Way Halim.

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