Marketplace Along Jl. A Yani Every Saturday Evening

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Starting November 2013, residents of Bandar Lampung can explore a new food and drink market along Jl. A Yani, which is open from 6 p.m to 10 p.m on Saturday evening. The market area starts from Elephant Statue (Tugu Gajah) till the hotel on Jl. A Yani. So, every Saturday evening, vehicles from Jl. Sudirman Street have to be directed to other roads that link to the end of Jl. A Yani not used for the market area. This new market area has attracted the attention of Bandar Lampung residents who wanted to see what the new marketplace is all about.

There is nothing really special about this marketplace, except the new style of huts for fruit and drink sellers, which are interestingly arranged. The foods and drinks are just like the ones you can find else where. Parking lots for visitors's vehicles are not yet well organized. Even a few visitors park their vehicles on Begadang II parking lot. It is good to have this Satuday Evening marketplace. At least, residents of Bandar Lampung now have more options as to where to go for shopping.

The new market place on Jl. A Yani may be a place for young people to get together, especially around the monument. Visitors from districts seem to enjoy around it as they do not have such a beautiful place in their home towns.

Up to the present time, visitors to this market place seems to have dropped off simply because perhaps the visitors did not find anything special or targeted vendors was not able to provide things that could attract visitors.

It is too bad that this new market place is finally closed, so on every Saturday evening you will not find it.


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