Kembang Pandan Restaurant

One of the restaurants that provides traditional cuisine is Kembang Pandan
Restaurant located on Jl. Arief Rahman Hakim No.69, Bandar Lampung.
Kembang Pandan Restaurant specializes in providing sundaness foods such as nasi
liwet (rice cooked with chicken broth), fresh raw vegetables, grilled
and fried fish and many other traditional foods popular in West Java.The following is a list of food menu you can order:
  • Nasi Liwet Komplit (Rice cooked with chicken broth + fresh vegetables, fried chicken, fried tofu and tempe and chilli sauce.)
  • Nasi Bakar Pete Teri Bandung (Bandung Grilled Rice mixed with pete and anchovy)
  • Gurame Bakar Kecap Kacang (Grilled Carp mixed in ketchup and peanut)
  • Cumi masak pedas (Spicy squid)
  • Various kinds of drinks such as Mojito Ice, Teler Ice, Cappucino, Ice Pink Addict
  • Various kinds of snacks
Foods can be ordered in packages:
  • A package for 4-5 people at the price starting from Rp.120,000.--  (Chicken broth rice, 1 fried chicken, fresh raw vegetable, fried tofu n tempe, chilli, and a pitcher of iced tea with sugar)
  • A package for 10 people (10 plate of rice, 2  grilled carps, 1 piece of squid, 1 shrimp, 2 plates of cooked kale, and more)
Food Delivery:
Your order can be delivered to your door should you be in less than 3 km away.

The restaurant area is equipped with natural shades allowing visitors
to relax while enjoying foods and drinks. You can choose the table
setting according to your liking. The traditional sundaness dining
traditional food by Kembang Pandan Restauranttable where you sit cross legged on rug-covered floor enjoying your
meal. It's cozier as it gives you more friendly atmosphere. Or you can
also choose dining table with chairs. The restaurant has made both
dining table settings as comfortable as possible.

Kembang Pandan Restaurant opens at 10 a.m and closes at 11 p.m everyday.
It is a good place both for family gathering and office meetings.

For further information, you can contact +6282880888169

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