Traffic Lights At Crossroad of Jl. Kimaja - Jl. Ratudi Balau - Jl. Soekarno Hatta

concrete road on crossroad of Jl. Ratudi Balau and Jl. Ki Maja
The central based project on Soekarno-Hatta Road Rehabilitation is nearly completed (November 5th, 2013). If you travel from Jl. Kimaja to Jl. Ratudi Balau, you will see that the widening of the road at the crossroad is nearly finished. The vehicle traffic is much smoother as more lanes have been added to allow vehicles to turn left easily. The only problem on the crossroad of Jl. Kimaja and Jl. Ratudi Balau is the traffic lights that allow vehicles to move from two directions. The jam happen when vehicles that turn right block vehicles coming from the opposite direction. However, the jam is not as serious as it used to be.

According to one of the road users, the traffic light system should be the same as the one at the crossroad of Jl. Sultan Agung and Jl. Kimaja on Wayhalim area. Green light only allows vehicles to move from one direction so that there is no traffic jam occurring in the middle of the crossroad. He  added that the traffic light problem would perhaps be resolved as the public work agency was still focusing on the completion of the road widening on Jl. Kimaja and Jl. Ratudi Balau, which is still under construction.

Road users are now relieved as there are no more heavy congestions on the crossroad of Jl. Kimaja and Jl. Ratudi Balau because the roads are very wide and stabilized due to the road having been built with concrete materials.

Up to this date (November 19th, 2014), the traffic lights have been improved. Vehicles allowed to go are only those from one direction, the others have to stop.


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