Raden Intan-Teuku Umar Flyover to be Built in 2014

image credit: www.en.wikipedia.org
Teuku Umar and Raden Intan Streets are already too crowded during busy hours, which result in the traffic being jammed. For this reason, Bandar Lampung Government is considering the construction of a flyover to reduce the congestion. According to Head of Regional Planning Agency Daniel Marsudi, the pre-feasibility study to carry out includes the exact area to build the flyover, the width and length of the flyover, and lands to acquire. He further said that acquiring blocks of land is very complicated and should be prepared far in advance.

" Land acquisition should be put as first priority for the simple reason that building a flyover involves many blocks of land to be acquired," he added. With regard to the construction planning of the flyover on Jl. Raden Intan and Teuku Umar, the Ministry of Public Work will be involved in the feasibility study. Hopefully, in mid 2014, the physical construction of Teuku Umar-Raden Intan Flyover will be started.

The National Budget is to be used for this construction, and is now being discussed in the Public Work Ministry in Jakarta.



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