Malaysia flight MH370--Has the real debris of the missing plane been found?

This is the most troublesome situation faced by Malaysian authority regarding the fate of the missing plane with 239 passengers on board. Up to this time, March 30th, 2014, there has been no exact news where the plane have crashed. The relatives of the passengers on the missing plane have accused Malaysian authorities of sweeping the real news of the tragedy under the carpet. The reason for this accusation was simply because Malaysian authority beat about the bush in explaining what actually happened to the flight MH370.

What actually has happened to MH370? Has anyone on board hijacked the plane by switching off the communication so that no one would be able to know where the plane has gone.

Several countries have helped find where the plane might have crashed. The location of the debris has so far been based on predictions. Let's hope that there will be survivors of the missing plane.


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