Flyovers in Bandar Lampung

The flyover connecting Jl. Sultan Agung to Jl.Ryakudu is now fully functional. Traffic jams in the area are not seen anymore. Traffic  from Jl. Sultan Agung to Korpri area is smooth without congestion at all. It is also the same to the flyover of Jl.P. Antasari - Jl. Tirtayasa. Traffic from both streets is very smooth. As you can see the space under the flyover has been used by some people to park their cars. They may be privately-owned cars for taking passengers to other destinations (possibly to Bakauheni seaport). They usually charge Rp 40.000 - Rp.45.000 if you go to Bakauheni. If you go to Bakauheni in the afternoon around 5 to 6 p,m, you will be better off taking the bus from Rajabasa Terminal. After 7 p,m, bus transport to Bakauheni is rather rare. If you go to Bakauheni in the evening (starting from 8 p.m), you have to the areas under the filyovers as mentioned above to find some vehicles that take you to your destination.

The flyovers (1. Connecting Jl. Sulatan Agung to Ryakudu; connecting Jl.Pangeran Antasari to Jl. Pangeran Tirtayasa; and the longest one connecting Jl. Gajahmada to Sport Stadium in Pahoman area)  in Bandar Lampung are all in all making the appearance of Bandar Lampung City more and more interesting. I hope this condition will improve Bandar Lampung in tourism sector.
Another one, still under construction is the one connecting Jl. Kimaja to Jl. Ratudibalau. This one is targeted to be completed in July 2016 but was completed at the end of 2015.

All in all, Bandar Lampung City, with the existance of flyovers, traffic jams can be reduced, the look of the city is more beautiful. This perhaps will increase number of visitors from other places.

Author: verified_user