Tanjung Putus Lampung Selatan

Tanjung Putus Island as people call is now becoming one of the most popular and the most visited tourism resort in Lampung Province. Previously, Tanjung Putus was only a recreation place for certain people who knew the area. Since more and more people have been informed of the place, the owner of Tanjung Putus island, considering its beautiful surrounding area, determined to turn the area into such a beautiful tourism resort.

Go to Tanjung Putus for your holiday in Lampung
To reach Tanjung Putus, you have to go to Ketapang Village located approximately 35 km from the city of Bandar Lampung or 45 minutes by car. Ketapang Village is a fishing village, where you can park your vehicles and take a boat to Tanjung Putus Island. To rent a boat, you are charged about Rp.400,000.-- that's the cost for you to go and return to Ketapang Village.

Upon arriving on the island, you will be welcome with spectacular scenic view around the island. You can start swimming, diving or just sit around in  the restaurant or spend the night at the comfortable cottage.

Visit Tanjung Putus for a vacation
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Further information on Tanjung Putus, you can contact the hotel tourist guide who will tell you about it.


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