Eleven Lampung's Road bikers join Kompas Minang Bike Ride

Lampung Bike tour
photo by Robby
On May 9-11, 2014 Kompas held a road bike tour taking place in West Sumatera. Among 150 participants from around Indonesia, were 11 riders from Lampung Province, three of whom are famous for their endurance and high speed. They are Robby, Andri, and Audi--young guys of Satya family. The beautiful panorama of the undulating terrains of Padang City has set Lammpung's road riders' thinking cap on wondering if the next riding tour would be held in their home town--Lampung Province.
Lampung Road bikers
Photo by Robby

Lampung residents
photo by Robby
Kompas Bike Team seemed to know very well about spectacular road biking location. Padang City is no doubt an accurate venue for any biking tour--road biking or mountain biking. If only Lampung authorities had known that 11 residents of Bandar Lampung decided to join Kompas Minang Bike of their own free will, the authorities would have been surprised and proud that there are still Bandar Lampung residents who love doing things that will bring more value to Bandar Lampung city without asking for any reward.

The bike tour lasted for 3 days. On day 1, participants started biking towards Maninjau Lake in Agam Regency. On day 2, bikers were presented with spectacular view of Maninjau Lake and famous steep 44 bends, which certainly drained all bikers' energy and endurance.

Bandar Lampung City should be proud of having these guys--the guys who are health-conscious and want to remain fit and healthy by biking. Congratulation guys! We do hope there will be more people who will follow suit.


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