Thursday, May 29, 2014

Roadworks always cause congestion

By on 3:58 PM

Roadworks, especially on the most frequently traveled roads definitely cause heavy congestion. The road connecting Bandar Lampung City to Bakauheni Seaport is the one that is the most frequently traveled. Once there are roadworks--improvement or road patches--congestion is unavoidable.

About 5 km from Bakauheni Seaport, the road shoulders are being improved by changing the asphalted surface to the concrete one. So, for the time being, the road being repaired is getting narrower as one side of the shoulder can not be used. Vehicles to and from Bakauheni Seaport have to queue up for at least one or more hours. Hopefully the roadworks will have been completed before the coming Idul Fitri celebration.

Some other parts of the main road connecting Bandar Lampung to Bakauheni Seaport are also damaged and need patching or improving.

Quick response by local government is very important regarding roadwork on the most frequently traveled road like Jl. Soekarno-Hatta linking Bakauheni Seaport to Bandar Lampung City.