Bumi Kedaton Mall--the New Shopping Center in Bandar Lampung

Shopping Center Mall Bumi Kedaton
Bumi Kedaton Mall is a new shopping mall in Bandar Lampung. It was opened just one month before the fasting month of Ramadan.

It seemed that the owner wanted to make best use of the opportunity to start operating the mall considering that fasting month is the right time to sell articles like clothes and other things badly needed for Idul Fitri celebration day.

In fact, some of the facilities had not been finished but the Bumi Kedaton manager probably thought that the supermarket area was the one that would be visited by Lampung shoppers because it provides things such as clothes, kitchen appliances, food, movie theater, and so on.

The grand opening ceremony of this Bumi Kedaton mall was attended by many residents of Bandar Lampung. Even some came from districts of Lampung Province. It was too crowded inside, and parking lots were also so full that many cars had to be parked outside and along the nearby streets.

If we look at the building, it is probably the biggest and the most modern shopping malls in Bandar Lampung. It is said that you can find almost everything--clothes, books, kitchen stuffs, automobile accessories and spare parts, medicine, food and bread, office tools, beds, chairs, and the cinema. The location of Bumi Kedaton mall is also very strategic but its existance causes traffic congestion at busy hours.  Let's hope that Bumi Kedaton Mall will make the city of Bandar Lampung more and more beautiful and can attract visitors from other cities.

Now, it is the most visited shopping, in the city.
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