Enggal Farmacy (Apotik Enggal)

One of the biggest pharmacies in Bandar Lampung is Apotik Enggal located on Jl. Raden Intan No.122 not far from the famous Elephant Statue. Apotik Enggal opens 24 hours is famous for its quick and polite service. 

Apotik Enggal provides not only medicine but doctors' office adjacent to the pharmacy office. Tourists or visitors to Bandar Lampung city can go to Enggal Pharmacy to buy medicine or have their health checked.

Apotik Enggal is a well established company that sells medicine. Its store location is very strategic, which is close to the shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and Bumi Waras Hospital just in case of emergency.

Most pharmacies in Bandar Lampung close at 10 p.m, while Apotik Enggal is 24-hour service, which is needed by those in need of medication. Beside that, Apotik Enggal provides not only medicine but treatment equipment as well.

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