Lake Ranau--The Second Biggest Lake in Sumatera

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The second biggest lake in Sumatera is said to be Danau Ranau, located at the border line of West Lampung and Ogan Komering Ulu Regency of South Sumatera. Geographically speaking, Ranau Lake is situated on the hilly terrain that has valleys.

In the middle of the lake, there is a small island named Marisa, where you can find hot spring. Local people or tourists take hot water for bathing. You can also find a waterfall in the area. Tourists visiting Ranau Lake should not be worried about accomodation. There are a number of small hotels for visitors to stay in during their visits to Lake Ranau. One of the hotels located near the lake is managed by PT Pusri (You are charged about Rp.200.000,-- up to Rp.400.000 per night). Or you can also rent a room from local villagers.

One of the things you can do at Ranau Lake is go fishing in the lake. You can aslo buy big fish from local fishermen and have the fish grilled.

Ranau Lake can be reached from South Sumatera (Take a bus or private car from Palembang - Prabumulih - Baturaja- Muaradua. It takes 7-8 hours by bus or 5 hours by private car). From Bandar Lampung, take a bus to Liwa through Bukit Kemuning. Then take another transport from Liwa to Kotabatu-Sukamarga atau Banding Agung. Approximate time is 6 - 7 hours by bus.

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