Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pizza Hut in Bandar Lampung

By on 8:42 PM

pizza hut on Lotus Bandar Lampung
Pizza Hut is every where in the world. In Bandar Lampung, you won't miss your favorite food--pizza. The same taste and quality of pizza hut is found in Pizza Hut restaurants in Bandar Lampung. The first Pizza Hut restaurant was established at Lotus Mall on the first floor. Lotus has now become one of the electronic centers in Bandar Lampung. However, Pizza Hut remains on the first floor and can successfully maintain its customers from year to year.

Pizza Hut has now opened its new branch on Jl. H. Pagar Alam not far from University of Bandar Lampung. Pizza lovers living in this area do not have to go a long way to Jl. Raden Intan just because they want to have their favorite food--pizza.

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On Jl. Pangera Antasari, another branch of Pizza Hut restaurant has recently been opened. It's larger in size than the one at Lotus Mall on Jl. Raden Intan. With these three Pizza Hut restaurants in Bandar Lampung, Bandar Lampung residents who love Pizza can choose which Pizza hut restaurants to go.