Students of Sumatera Institute of Technology Have To Pay High Tuition Fees

Sumatera institute of technology in Lampung
The I and II Enrollment Cohort Students of Sumatra Institute of Technology who  are currently studying at the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) still have to pay tuition fee (cost of implementation of education) amounting to Rp 20 million to Rp 25 million per semester!

Rector of the Institute of Technology of Sumatra (Itera), Ofyar Z Tamin when contacted by Tribun Lampung, Friday (28/11) confirmed that it was true. "It's much higher tuition fee compared to those of other universities  in Lampung Province. Itera students studying there is still considered to be  independent ITB students who do not get subsidies," said Ofyar.

As rector, Ofyar admitted that he was not  able to do much to overcome the problem of high tuition fees borne by Itera students.
"Although we have been designated as a State (State University), but the students don't get subsidies from the central government as the original ITB students do," he said.

Another source mentioned that 40 students from Lampung Province got scholarship amounting to 70 million rupiahs. The fund was taken from the local budget. The scholarship was intended for tuition fees and students’ cost of living.

Tribun Lampung and Lampung Post


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