The Subsidized Fuel Price has been raised to 8,500.--IDR

parades and demonstrators, public transport drivers go on strike
parade rejecting the rise of fuel
The government of Indonesia has raised the subsidized gasoline from Rp. 6,500.—to Rp8,500.--, which resulted in low to middle level residents complaining about the possible burden they will have to shoulder. 

Today, November 19th, 2014, there have been parades rejecting the rise of subsidized fuel. All public transport running with gasoline are going on strike. Residents who have no vehicles cannot go anywhere or have to find alternative transport to go by.

subsidized fuel price has risen from Rp.6,500 to Rp.8,500
What most people are afraid of is that the effect of raised subsidized fuel will of course spill over to other sectors. The prices of commodities will be influenced, thus creating inflation.

The current situation will also be benefited by  perpetrators suspected to keep commodities and to sell them at very high prices. It is said that the Ministry of Commerce has been working with the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the National Police to prevent perpetrators from doing what they plan to do. Speculators shall be sentenced to heavy punishment if they are found to stockpile the goods.

At this time the fuel price has come down to its original price of Rp.6,600.


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