Hotel Rooms Fully Booked for Year-end Holiday


All star hotels in Bandar Lampung are fully booked for December 31st and January 1st of every year.
Towards the end of 2014, all star hotels have been booked. According to Tribun Express, the rate of hotel room occupation has risen to 100%. A number of hotel managers stated that all rooms for the year-end holidays have already booked.

Trison Fauzan, marketing and promotion manager of Novotel Lampung was quoted as saying that the booking of the room has started from December 15th. Most people who made hotel reservations planned to stay at the hotel for year-end vacation.

For Bukit Randu hotel, the room reservations are usually made from December 10th. Most people made room reservations for the same reasons—spend the new year’s eve at the hotel of their own choices.

The swamping of room reservations also occured at Sheraton Inn Bandar Lampung. Wahid Herri Wahyudi said that Sheraton Inn has 110 rooms. 103 rooms are usually reserved.  The offered prices of the rooms for year-end holiday are quoted to be Rp1,690,000 up to Rp4,105,000 per night.

Emersia hotel, which has a better view of Lampung Bay is said to have 122 rooms. At the end of the year, there are approximately 8 rooms available. Emersia hotel is also usually swamped with room reservations starting from December 10th.

Hotel room status at the end of every year:
Most starred hotels in Bandar Lampung are usually fully booked at year end, while non-star hotels are completely fully booked.


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