Lampung Bay--Beaches in Urban Areas

beaches of Lampung bay
The beaches along Panjang District and Teluk Lampung are mostly inhabited by residents, most of whom are categorized to be of below middle level society class. If you look at the beaches closely, you will see heaps of stinky rubbish scattered around. If only the beaches were managed well, and changed into white sandy beaches, they would become very potential assets for the local govenment of Kota Bandar Lampung to attract both local and foreign visitors. It would also be possible for Bandar Lampung to have the most beautiful bay in Sumatera or even in Indonesia.

visit Lampung, teluk lampung tujuan wisata
Of course, Lampung  Bay (Teluk Lampung)  beaches located in remote areas are beautiful for the simple reason that the coastal areas are far from settlement. However, if the coastal areas in urban areas (as in Panjang and Telukbetung) are changed to become a center of tourism, won't it be much better?  It won't be that easy, to be sure.  There are several things to take into account  carefully.
First,  settlement relocation will cost a lot of money. Secondly, the residents living in the coastal areas may reject to be moved out of the area.

In order that lampung points of interest can be achieved, the local government officials should also set target and aim of changing the urban coastal areas into a center of tourist resort having  white sandy beaches. Will  significant physical changes of the coastal areas make foreign tourists fall for them?

Comparison study concerning this matter should be done by tourism agency of Bandar Lampung City. Find out why Kuta beach has become the destination of foreign visitors from around the world. Is it due to its beautiful beach or tourism management? 

 Lampung  Bay is actually better than Kuta Beach because its location can be viewed clearly from the top of the hills that surround it. It would certainly be a lot better if the urban coastal areas were already changed into white sandy beaches, making it plus value for the Local Government in tourism sector.Let's wait what will the local government do about it.


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