Pasaran Island (Pulau Pasaran)

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Pulau Pasaran (Market Island) located approximately 1 km from Kota Karang East Telukbetung is a small island only reachable by boat. Pulau Pasaran has an area of 12 hectares with a population of about 200 families. The main activity in Pulau Pasaran is the selling of dry salty fish produced by people living there. Many residents of Telukbetung area visit Pulau Pasaran to buy salty fish.

In Pulau Pasaran, there are hardly any trees, so it gets pretty warm in the day time. It is said that Pulau Pasaran was once inhabited only by a few families in 1970s. At the beginning, the island had only an area of 3 hectares, and since then on, the size had increased to the size of 14 hectares. And the population had also doubled since 1988 due to Gudang Lelang fishing market was on fire resulting in many houses being destroyed by fire. Many families had to move to Pulau Pasaran to find a new place.

With the help of Bank Indonesia, Pulau Pasaran now has such facilities as electricity, clean water and health centers. It is hoped that Pulau Pasaran will get more facilities from Local Government. So far, fishermen's boats have been used to transport to and from Pulau Pasaran. There should be better transports in the future.

Certainly, Pulau Pasaran is not for tourism resort for the following reasons:
  • The place stinks of dried fish
  • The houses look untidiy
  • Too warm due to no trees being planted

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