Pahawang Island - one of tourism attractions

Pahawang Island - Lampung01
Lampung is very famous not only for its elephant school but also a paradise-like island named Pulau Pahawang located at the latitude of -5.675292 and longitude of 105.222406. Diving, swimming or just lying down on a white sandy beach are what vacationers have cravings for. The serene and pristine surrounding of the island makes you want to stay there for good.I'd say this island comes the first for tourist destination ranking.

Pahawang Island - Lampung
As it is located under the subdistrict of Punduh Pidada, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung Province, Pahawang Island with its beautiful underwater panorama constitutes the Regency's asset in terms of tourism.

Visiting Pahawang Island may be distinctive enjoyment for anyone whose hobby is swimming and diving. It is indeed the incomparable beauty of its surrounding and stunning underwater world that make vacationers feel at home being there.

Dry season (April - September) is the best time to visit Pahawang Island. This is probably because during dry season, more areas of the island can easily be enjoyed.

The easiest way to cross over to the island is via Ketapang  Pier (approximately 40 km from the city of Telukbetung, Lampung). From Jakarta, you may go by plane from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Lampung. Renting a car from the airport is also possible. Should you go by your own car, you can park your car at the fishing village of Ketapang and ask anyone there to look after your car.

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