Krui the Capital City of West Coast Regency

One of the youngest regencies in Lampung Province is Kabupaten Pesisir Barat (West coast Regency), which was formed of West Lampung Regency based on
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Act  No. 22 Year 2012 (Gazetted No 231, Additional Gazetted No 5364) regarding the Establishment of New Autonomous Region of Coastal District of West Lampung Province dated 16 November 2012 and promulgated on November 17, 2012.  It is one of 15 regencies of Lampung Province.  Although it is a still newly established regency, West Coast Regency has the brighter future compared to West Lampung for the simple reason that its capital city named Krui lies along beautiful beaches, which connects the capital city of Krui with Wonosobo, one of the cities in the Regency of Tanggamus.

West Coast Regency has 11 districts as follows: 1) Bengkunat Belimbing; 2) Bengkunat; 3) Pesisir Selatan; 4) Krui Selatan; 5) Pesisir Tengah; 6) Way Krui; 7) Karya Penggawa; 8) Pesisir Utara; 9) Lemong; 10) Ngambur; 11)Pulau Pisang.

West Coast Regency has an area of ± 2907.23 km2 or 8.39% of the area of Lampung Province. Most of the residents have the principal livelihood as farmers and


Krui, the capital city of West Ocean Regency, has become the city of destination for those who love surfing. The residents of Krui are accustomed to foreign visitors who visit the city with the purpose of surfing. At the present time, the road condition is getting beter and better. No wonder, many people who travel to Liwa, the capital city of West Lampung, pass through Krui as it is claimed to be faster and safer


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