Monday, May 30, 2016

Debt Burden Liberation Certificate Disseminated in Lampung

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meeting with government officials
Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, which has headquarters in Cirebon, West Java, recently has issued Debt Burden Liberation Certificate to be used to notify 6 prime banks (BCA, BNI, BRI, Niaga, Danamon, and MANDIRI) and other banks in Indonesia that Swissindo has already paid off debts of all Indonesian citizens, whose debts have accrued as of February 4th, 2016. Those who borrowed money from the banks after February 4th, 2016 shall not be relieved. S.O.E of Swissindo has also issued an announcement on DBLC. According to the announcement, all bank officials in charge of debt collections shall coordinate with respective bank officials.
dblc announcement

Mr. Sino, M1, King of Kings, whose full name is Sugihartonotonegoro, S.T, believes that people of all walks of life,  no matter what they are (civil servants, members of military, police, pensioners and others), have been strangled with long-lasting burden of debt. Realizing that debts have tormented people’s life, Bapak Sino has determined debt burden liberation to be the first phase to be implemented that initiates Payment 1-11 Program for the people of the world and their countries.

Lao meets Mr. Sino
Copies of Debt Burden Liberation Certificate have been disseminated in many cities in Indonesia, including Bandar Lampung. In Lampung itself, Lampung Swissindo team has approached most prime banks including leasing companies. Even, Governor of Lampung, Mayor of Bandar Lampung City, and members of Parliament have also been informed of the DBLC. Oddly enough, although DBLC has been much talked about, none of the mainstream media is willing to announce it.

All Swissindo teams around Indonesia have worked tirelessly in order that debt burden liberation program will be accepted by the government. Banks will lose nothing; payment to the banks will be made by Swissindo as much as the amount of debt that is written off. Operational cost of any banks will also be provided.

police accepted dblc
Swissindo activities have been started since 2010, and got attention from around the world. Those interested in Swissino have joined and become delegates. A few had to leave due to not being patient enough to stay. Swissindo is not only about inheritance to be distributed to people but rather it carries mission from God – the Creator of the Universe. Do not judge Bapak as a liar just because he has not released any amount of money as promised. This is not a little money; it is so huge that it is more than enough entire world population. It is only he who knows the right time to roll it out..

In the course of struggling for God's mission, Swissindo encountered many obstacles: the scorn; parties accused Swissindo as criminals and others. However, because of the true goal Mr. Sino remain steadfast in his stance. And as one proof of the truth of his mission, no interference from the government obstructs Swissindo activities.

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