Lampung Tribal Language

When you visit Bandung or Palembang, you will see or hear people speaking their own local languages, especially when you visit traditional markets. This is different from Bandar Lampung, where Indonesian language is spoken, even in some traditional markets, Javanese language is used for daily communication.

Lampung tribal language should be used as Bandar Lampung is a city of Lampung tribe. This can be understood, however, because Bandar Lampung city is dominated by mostly Javanese people, Sundanese and even Balinese communities. The other tribes that live here are Minangkabau, Bugis and people coming from South Sumatera.

Bandar Lampung City is often considered as Mini Indonesia due to its diversity of Indonesian tribes. Remember there are over 25 local languages spoken throughout Indonesian islands. Indonesian language is mostly understood regardless of wherever you are in Indonesia.

In Bandar Lampung, Sundanese people usually flock together. So do Balinese people. On the other hands, Javanese people do not flock together. Instead, they mingle with other tribes.
Lampung Tribes live in Lampung Regencies of Tanggamus, Tulang Bawang, Krui, Kotabumi and many more. These are the regencies, where Lampung tribal language is widely spoken.

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